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Consortium Blockchains

The consortium blockchain is a system that is 'semi-private' and has a controlled user group, but works across different organizations.

  • Ant OC
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    Ant Financial OpenChain

    Ant Financial OpenChain (Ant OC) is an open BaaS platform based on Ant Financial and Alibaba Cloud's private blockchain. It is a basic blockchain solution in the industry. Ant Blockchain BaaS aims to build an open collaboration platform, which can provide convenient services for enterprises and individuals around the world and bring more equal opportunities.

    ChainIDE is the first cloud IDE to support the Ant Financial OpenChain testnet. Users can experience the various functions of the Ant Financial OpenChain testnet on ChainIDE.

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  • Fisco Bcos
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    Fisco Bcos

    FISCO BCOS (Be Credible, Open & Secure) The FISCO BCOS platform is collaboratively built by the FISCO open source working group. Members in the working group include: Beyondsoft, Digital China, Forms Syntron, Huawei, Shenzhen Securities Communications, Tencent, WeBank and more.

    ChainIDE is the first OnlineIDE which supports FISCO BCOS.

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  • Libra


    Libra A simple global currency and financial infrastructure that empowers billions of people.

    ChainIDE is the first OnlineIDE which supports Libra.

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Public Blockchains

Everyone has the right to join and become a node, every node can record all the transactions.


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ChainIDE has already helped developers in more than 100 countries to design, testing, deploy over 500,000 smart contracts.

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