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ChainIDE born to be Swift

Chain IDE, a real hacker IDE.
We want to help develops to do agile development. Rush the ideas and get you MVP.

  • 10x faster than normal compiler
  • One click to compile
  • One click to generate all the function trees
  • One click to deploy the contract
  • 3s to design your first smart contract !
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Lightning Fast

10x faster than normal compiler. A real hacker IDE, help designers to do agile development.

Easy To Use

One clik to compile, test and deploy. Bring coders into blockchain world in 3 seconds.

Light Weight

No need to download or compile, all web based online IDE.

Why Choose Us?

We are computer scientists, dapp designers and geeks !
We believe in code and we will change the world through it.
We know what you need and we present you the best blockchain IDE !

Proven Technology

We research in smart contracts since the first day DApp come out. We have papers published and theorectical basis for the design to optimize contracts desgin.

Getting Started

Get confused on node setting and command line tool? Follow the examples to get quick start. You can deploy your first smart contract in 3 seconds.

Auto Save

Your smart contract will save into your own cache. Whenever you miss click and quit, you will be able to bring your whole idea back when you enter chainIDE again.

Super Fast

Our first multi-chain IDE is 10x faster than normal compiler. We design to be agile and want to kick the startups rush to their MVP.

Save Money

ChainIDE is complete free. Enjoy all the service and design your own smart contract. Develop, deploy, test all in one platform.

24/7 Online Support

We provide online support and cutomized service for the enterprice solution. We can help you sharpen your products and help your team get into decentralized world.

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